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Our R+D department carefully works on the development of new blades able to optimaze their performance to the maximum

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Aplicaciones Granite
Aplicaciones Marble
Aplicaciones Limestone
Aplicaciones Sandstone

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Discos Discos Discos
Ventaja 1

LCS Large Circular Saws
between 1.500 mm and 3.500 mm

Ventaja 2

SCS Small Circular Saws
between 300 and 1.500 mm

Ventaja 3

MBG Multi Blade Granite
between 900 and 1.600 mm

Raw material quality selection

The Winterstone product range includes not only standard cores, but also the innovative WISPERO and TECHNO (low-noise) cores. This core features remarkable noise reduction, by up to 10 dB(A) - an important factor for health & safety and environmental protection.