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Winterstone ท Multihilo

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Winterstone ท Multihilo

In the last few years the emergence of the Multiwire technology has provided several advantages to the stone industry, such as the increasing of the cutting speed, flexibility of production, cost effectiveness, the waste reduction and an optimum quality of cut with a lower investment. Winterstone wires can be used in any machine on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. We have 7,2 and 8,2mm. beads available and all kinds of assemblies in order to adapt to your cutting needs and conditions.

Our commitment

Winterstone is a leader in this activity thanks to our excellent wire supported by our professional and technical team servicing the customer at all times to:

  • Install the wires
  • Train the staff
  • Choose and develop the best adapted tools to their equipment.
  • Check and diagnose the machine.
  • Follow up the process evolution and the performance of our products.


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